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App Translation

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App translation is a service

It is a service that is often overlooked by app developers, this could prove to be a costly oversight. translating your app into additional languages other than your original language can have a major impact on you success in the App stores if done correctly. Any translation app translation and localisation service are second to none. At any translation, we have in-house experts who understand the app development process and the submission of apps to the app stores. why waste all that time developing a great app and release it in one language?

Seems crazy when you could make your app discoverable with app translation services from any translation. did you know that your app will only be displayed in the store for which it has the language for example if it is in Italian it will be in the Italian store only? Translate the app into 5 or six languages and you have just given yourself a huge advantage having the app on 6 different stores giving you 6 times more potential for discovery.

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